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Our prices are competitive, we will match any other local funeral home's price. Casket and Urn prices are lower than you will find at other funeral homes, internet sites and casket outlets, if you find a price lower than ours please let us know and we will usually match that price. Casket prices start at $229. and Cremation Urns begin at $20. All funerals homes are required to provide price information prior to any arrangement.
Why is a funeral important?
Most often a gathering of family and friends for a final farewell, where an exchange of condolensces takes place. Family and friends experiencing the kindnesses seen at funeral's by those who attend the funeral feel better about the loss.
Are calling hours important?

Calling hours followed by a funeral usually is the first step in the grieving process. An opportunity for friends, family and other guests to come together and grieve openly all the while supporting each other with their collective presence. It is also a time to say good-bye. Viewing the deceased brings to most a sense of closure and helps those who may be in shock and denial.   Family and friends have complicated commitments. Children's schedules and family schedules, medical needs, house hold needs, and work demands most often dictate the scheduling of a calling hours. If most of our acquaintances work all day, these folks have commitments and will have difficulty attending and meeting their other obligations. Calling hours give the best opportunity for family and friends.

Can we bring pictures of family events?
Sure you can, this is an opportunity to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away, and gives many the opportunity to share their memories. Some examples, family photos either framed or in an album or snap shots, (for snap shots ask us to reserve the memory board for you so these snapshots can be desplayed on an easel), or a video tape of family events. You can bring in items relating to hobbies and interests or beliefs, religious symbols, or also personal itmes like a hat, or a blanket. In the past we have seen, craft items, collectibles, golf clubs, television remote controls and cell phones. One man loved his car collection so his wife chose his 1955 Chevrolet and his 1959 Caddillac to be on display in the funeral home parking lot for the calling hours. The pall bearers drove the vehicles in his funeral processon. Another man loved his towing business and many of his tow truck associates lead the funeral with their tow trucks.  Motorcycles enthusiast's funeral had hundreds of his friends arrive on their bikes and rode proudly in his honor in his funeral procession.  If you have an idea let us know, we will do our best to make your idea fit into the funeral plan.
Cremation, can we still have a funeral.
Yes. One in five families choose cremation, seventy five percent of the time after Calling hours, a visitation and religious service. Many times with a procession to the cemetery chapel for cemetery prayers, keeping you decision for cremation a private one.
My family wants burial with nothing else, but I want a funeral.
Please call for options, we will sit with you and your family if you want and offer suggestions to help everyone decide on what is right for you. Maybe a private memorial service after the burial for just the family and close friends would be a good solution
My family has a grave out of town can we have the funeral in Lowell.
We have helped other folks in arranging for burial out of our community, whether your family plot is on Cape Cod, in California, Europe, Asia or South America we are friendly with funeral service professionals all over the world.
My family does not have a grave or our plot has no space left, what should we do.
Chances are good, there is still space in the cemetery of your choice, most of the area cemeteries have given us a list of available space, we do recommend an appointment at the cemetery of your choice to visually choose the grave, however we can ask your cemetery to choose a grave for you.
My family wants cremation with nothing else, but I want a funeral.
Please call for options, we will sit with you and/or your family and offer suggestions to help everyone decide on what is right for you. Maybe a memorial service after cremation with just the family and friends would be a good solution.
What can the funeral home do for you.
Removal of the deceased and transporting to the funeral home, whether the death is at home or in another city, state, or country. Bathing, shaving, hairdressing and embalming of the deceased.
Preparation of the body for viewing including dressing and cosmetizing.
Arrange with the family for the type of funeral that is right for them.
Prepares and submits obituary and funeral notices to news paper(s).
Coordinates with clergy, clubs and organizations.
Scheduling the cemetery or crematory.
Notifying proper authorities, family and/or relatives.
Arranging and preparing death certificates.
Providing certified copies of death certificates, which are proof of death for employers, insurance, and benefit processing.
Apply to insurance companies for death benefits.
Notification to the Social Security Adminstration.
Assist with Veterans Benefits.
Obviously this list could go on and on, for instance we provide transportation to families to the funeral home when necessary. If there is something you want we can almost always provide that service.
Embalming, what is it?
Embalming is a process where the body is temporarily preserved. Embalming sanitizes and temporarily preserves a body after death, giving an opportunity to make someone look their best for an open casket. Often times visually erasing an illness or accident, creates a peaceful scene. Embalming only delays the natural decomposition process and allows time for families to come home for the funeral.
Embalming, do we have to have that ?
Embalming is not and never was required by law. Embalming is a practical choice if we are having an open casket, or there is a delay over 48 hours after death.
What is the difference between a funeral home and a mortuary ?
A funeral home does not have cremation on site. In most places a mortuary can provide cremation on site. Both funeral homes and mortuaries usually offer the same services at similar prices.
What happens to the cremated remains?
After a person is cremated, the cremated remains are placed either in an urn or temporary container. The cremated remains are most often buried in a family plot, in a columbarium, scattered at sea by the funeral home or the family takes them for scattering or they are kept as a memorial in their home.
What can I do with the cremated remains I can no longer keep?

Please decide whether burial in your favorite cemetery, inurnment in a columbarium or sea scattering. After you have made your decision please call the funeral home for the availability of your preferred option. We privately scatter at sea every August, in the Atlantic Ocean, we can arrange for scattering in most places too. (Many states have restrictions as do many other countries, please check with us before traveling with cremated remains.)