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E-mail the family your condolences to:

Here Are Some Examples Below:



Example #1

To the Family of (name of deceased)

I am sorry to hear the news that Bill passed away, we went to school together, he was the nicest boy, I live in Arizona now and I still have my high school year book he signed it " I'll see you at the Commodore ", he was such a gentleman and great dancer. I have and always will think of him fondly, when I go to Mass this Sunday I will make it in his memory.


Mary Jones



Example #2

To the Family of (name of deceased)

Dear Aunt Millie,

I am so sorry about Aunt Margaret's passing, as you know I am stationed in South Korea now and I will be home next month, I will be up to see you then.





Example #3

To the Family of (name of deceased)

I am unable to come to the service, I just wanted you to know your family is in my thoughts. Spencer is a long time friend, and I will miss him.


Adam J. Stirling